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Therapy to heal your mental health and ease your emotional turmoil

Professional counselling for your anxiety, depression, grief or trauma

A private counselling clinic focused on easing your emotions. 
Discount available on your first session, and for students and pensioners throughout your healing journey.

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"I cannot begin to express how amazingly helpful, kind and professional you have been. Like no other therapist I have seen before. I genuinely feel you care about me so much, and like in my profession, your job clearly brings you joy and satisfaction, and that is so evident with all of the on-going/after care you provide, all part of your amazing service."

Mrs L Reading, Worcestershire



We aim to help you feel better after your first session with us.


Understanding how your emotions can work for you, not against you.


Create a different outlook on your life - all day, every day.

Who Is Windmills Of The Mind?

How we are different and what we offer

Quick delivery

We perform life-changing counselling across the UK from our counselling clinic, often helping you recover in weeks - not months.

Counselling, done the right way

We put you at the centre of everything.  From our initial brief telephone consultation, through your healing journey to aftercare.

Keep in touch with us

Counselling is only your first step.  We offer aftercare support as and when you need it and we can keep in touch via our newsletter. 

We heal emotions

Our counselling can work for you in a couple of sessions, so we don't  drag out your therapy for months on end.

How we work:

  • Help you understanding your emotional needs

  • Guided Imagery that helps your unconscious mind

  • Absolutely no psychobabble.

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    "Thanks Kaye, this info is brill!! and I appreciate the time you took to relay it. I enjoy our sessions very much, as well as finding them very helpful in combating negative thinking and depression."

    Susan, Nottingham


    "Thanks for saving my life. I can see now how there's so much more to live for. I have a second chance and I won't screw it up thanks to you."

    Gary, Kidderminster


    "Used to think I was a failure when I was so anxious I couldn't find a man to love. Now I'm so much more confident that men seem to be attracted to me without me even trying!"

    Diana, Surrey


    "After an hour's therapy session with you, I returned home to find what we focused on during my session (as it had caused me so much anxiety for a whole year) was gone! Absolutely amazing!"

    Andrea, Dundee


    "After one session with you, I had to be reminded by my husband that I was afraid of flying. Didn't have any fear at all when we flew to Greece a week after our therapy session. Wonderful!" 

    Natasha, Surrey


    "I used to run out of the room when I saw a spider - but now I don't give them a second thought."

    Keely, Surrey

    Your Therapist

    Hi, I'm Kaye.  I'm here to help you through your anxiety, depression, grief, or trauma.  In fact, I've helped thousands of people achieve emotional healing in weeks - not months. 

    • 20+ years experience

    • Affiliated, Certified, Insured and DBS checked to practice

    • Qualified with: MA (Hons) Psych, and Diplomas in Human Givens, CBT, EFT and also training in Natural Nutrition + Continuing Professional Development

    My one and only goal is to help you heal from your emotional turmoil, and any relationship issues that come from that.

    Our Location

    Our clinic is located in a peaceful cabin in a private garden centre, in Worcestershire.  Ideal for face-to-face sessions.  But, you're welcome to book an online session too.

    We can find a way through the issues you're dealing with in as little as 3 sessions (though you are more than welcome to book just one, or more, than 3). Arrange a brief chat with me by clicking the link below.

    Book A Free 15 Minute Consultation

    Ongoing After Care & Support

    As well as checking-in with you a few months after your counselling ends, we offer you a subscription to our emotional and mental health magazine. With it, you'll find we support you continuously throughout your healing journey.

    Inside, you’ll discover:

    • Articles on Anxiety - how to calm your nerves, how to control panic attacks, how to breathe to impact your nervous system.

    • Features on food and mood - to keep your emotions balanced. Nutritional insights on vitamins and minerals and food types.

    • Discount codes and money-off coupons to save on our services and products. Subscribe and get 15% off each therapy session you book.


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