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Windmills' Minds Matter Magazine. 

Minds Matter Magazine is designed to bring hope, encourage trust and give tools to live life.

Making your way through this life can be quite a challenge. In your imagination, if you were to fly up high above this beautiful earth, you would see all the twinkling lights that indicate where humanity lives out their lives. And behind you, are a million more twinkling lights we know to be stars and other planets. Minds Matter Magazine encourages you to use your imagination, to change your mind about things. Especially if you are suffering with the effects of anxiety.  

Find Inspiration

Here's how the Minds Matter Magazine can help:

First Issue: October 2023

Our very first issue, filled with articles, tips and tricks and fascinating information about how to Clear the Fear and change your mind about anxiety.

Issue 2: November 2023

Our second issue is bigger and better and packed with the kind of things that help you understand what anxiety is all about, and how you can help our military folk live better lives free from trauma.

Issue 3: December 2023

Our third issue is focused on helping those who are alone to feel less lonely.  How?  By recognising all the stuff and things and people and places that are available to us, if we choose to take the time to sit back and take notice of them.

Anxiety Pangs - by Kaye Bewley

Our popular book, Anxiety Pangs, helps you to figure out where on the Stress scale you are, how to handle anxiety - getting a good night's sleep is one important step, but this book offers loads of information, packed into a small space.

Minds Matter Magazine.

  • After the first 3 issues, the magazine is issued bi-monthly (6 issues a year) and costs £2 per issue. When you subscribe, you'll get access to all issues.

  • As a subscriber, and for as long as you continue to subscribe, you'll get 20% off all our services.

  • You get access to interesting and inspiring articles to help you ease your anxiety.  Each issue will offer you lucrative discounts and incentives - enough to earn back your subscription fee AND MORE!

  • By subscribing to the Minds Matter Magazine, you become part of a community.  You can also send your anonymous letters to my Agony Auntie section.

  • We're interactive, ideas are welcomed - if you'd like to see something highlighted, submit your thoughts and we'll consider them.

  • Through its delightful colours, sharp images and friendly words, we focus on optimism and hope.

Let's get to know each other...

Windmills Of The Mind is no ordinary counselling service. We aim to be more interactive and to build a community of like-minded people. People who are determined to change their lives for the better.  The Windmills' Minds Matter Magazine is one way to bring us all together.

If this is of interest to you, get in touch and we'll consider some ways to create new and interesting articles on your behalf.

And get 20% off Counselling Services!
Plus the Anxiety Pangs Book - FREE

Client Testimonial

With❤️from clients

"Kaye has given me an amazing amount of knowledge for handling my anxiety, the magazine has been a big contributor to this as it's filled with terrific articles with guidance and information I never even considered before. Thank you for all the help!"

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