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Are you visiting this page because you are suffering with an Anxiety-related problem?

Anxiety can also cause you to experience depression, anger, addictions, OCD, relationship challenges, or even be the result of grief, trauma, PTSD. All this puts a stop to you living the life you want to be living.

Let me reassure you - you're in the right place.

About Kaye, your therapist

Hi I'm Kaye, and it'll be good for you to know just a little bit about me. I'm experienced, qualified, certified, affiliated, insured, and trained to listen, understand and to alleviate the symptoms causing any anxiety (plus anxiety's knock-on effects) that you may be experiencing. And, I have a wonderful clinical practice (both on-line and in-person) too.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience, I've been able to help hundreds of people get through to the other side of it.

  • Experienced = 20+ years 

  • Affiliated = Human Givens Institute

  • Certified = DBS checked

  • Insured = to practice 

  • Qualified = Psychotherapy MA (Hons) + Diplomas in CBT, EFT and also trained in Natural Nutrition + ongoing CPD courses

  • Registered To Practice

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    This 100+ page book gives you a description of how depression affects you, what TATT is and why you feel that way, the role your dreaming brain plays, why diet is important when dealing with depression, and what you can do to get relief from it - and start to enjoy life again. You'll get it soon after you receive Bonus #1.

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    The following are some of the comments I've received from previous clients.


    "Thanks Kaye, this info is brill!! and I appreciate the time you took to relay it. I enjoy our sessions very much, as well as finding them very helpful in combating negative thinking and depression."

    Susan, Nottingham


    "Thanks for saving my life. I can see now how there's so much more to live for. I have a second chance and I won't screw it up thanks to you."

    Gary, Kidderminster


    "Used to think I was a failure when I was so anxious I couldn't find a man to love. Now I'm so much more confident that men seem to be attracted to me without me even trying!"

    Diana, Surrey


    "After an hour's therapy session with you, I returned home to find what we focused on during my session (as it had caused me so much anxiety for a whole year) was gone! Absolutely amazing!"

    Andrea, Dundee


    "After one session with you, I had to be reminded by my husband that I was afraid of flying. Didn't have any fear at all when we flew to Greece a week after our therapy session. Wonderful!" 

    Natasha, Surrey


    "I used to run out of the room when I saw a spider - but now I don't give them a second thought."

    Keely, Surrey


    "After months of horrible bickering with my husband we have finally found how to love each other again - thanks to your therapy and your book 'Slippery Frog'. We've been on a second honeymoon and rekindled our romance!" 

    Susan & Peter, Staines


    “After 15 years of trying to find Mr Right, I bought your book 'Slippery Frog or Faithful Dog' about a year ago - and now I have a boyfriend who proposed to me at the Trevi Fountain!"

    Lisa, Acquisitions PA at BBC


    "Your book, 'Depression - how to help yourself through it' was easy to read and full of stuff that made so much sense. Thanks."

    Nicola, Kent


    "Found your book 'Slippery Frog or Faithful Dog' very enlightening and funny!"Karl Dawson, Author of 'Matrix Re-Imprinting EFT - Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future'

    Karl Dawson, Author


    "I cannot begin to express how amazingly helpful, kind and professional you have been. Like no other therapist I have seen before. I genuinely feel you care about me so much, and like in my profession, your job clearly brings you joy and satisfaction, and that is so evident with all of the on-going/after care you provide, all part of your amazing service."

    Mrs L Reading, Worcestershire

    Appreciation from our honourable veterans


     As a former Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer, I worked with Kaye over a period of several sessions to discuss and to try to understand and manage my PTSD. She is very approachable and  knowledgeable and despite my initial misgivings, I found it very easy to open up to her. She has a very clear understanding of what servicemen and women suffer and still suffer with today. At no point did I feel I was just being listened to, but it was more of a two-way conversation, allowing me to express my thoughts. feelings and emotions.   I would one hundred percent recommend Kaye to anyone who requires counselling.

    David Cross Chief Petty Officer Seaman Specialist (Retd)


    "I have to say the six sessions I have had (via PTSDResolution) have helped me beyond belief. This is down to Kaye. The way she delivers the therapy is brilliant. At the end of each session, I felt relaxed and all the stress I was feeling vanished. For the past six weeks it has been my oasis of calm where I could unburden myself without criticism which was so refreshing. Thank you, Kaye, you have put me back on track equipping me with the confidence and belief that I can face the challenges that I know will come."

    Mike, RAF Veteran (Retd)


    "I have to tell you that since my anxiety therapy session with you and that (Anxiety Pangs) book you gave me, I noticed myself walking past the bookies without a second glance. Thanks so much."

    Kevin, Army Veteran


    "After 40 odd years of drinking in excess, and 4 weeks of your therapy, I haven't touched a drop in a year!"

    Bob, Army Veteran


    "Your Workshop 'The Heart of Emotions' was so good, I put the tips and tricks that you taught us into practice and I don't seem to worry about my life anymore."

    Fiona. Surrey


    "Thank you so much for saving our marriage. The world needs to know about your service.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 

    Gaynor & Trevor, Croydon

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    Once I have your request, I will email you confirmation and a request to cover session costs.*

    NOTE: FREE introductory 15 minute consultations are only available after you have subscribed. This keeps costs down and helps to use both your and my time better.



    You are free to unsubscribe at any time, though refunds are not possible because of the nature of the downloadable content.

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