A Good Day

Dear everyone,

Today was a good day.

Hubby and I, along with our oldest two kids (hereafter Mads and Bud–not their names), were able to attend “family group therapy” with Isaac this morning. Isaac was very excited to see Bud and Mads! (He missed Nugget, who had other commitments at the time, but he’ll be able to see him tomorrow.)

Another boy was there with his family too. The therapist running the group gave us all some dominoes and instructed us first to decide on a pattern to build together as a family and then to build it. Isaac struggled a little bit with this. He either wanted to make all the decisions himself or he didn’t want to be involved at all. But despite the struggle, there were no meltdowns or scream fests. Not sure if we should thank the new mood stabilizer for that, or the bribery tactics used by the therapist to incentivise good behavior! Either way, it was nice.

As we built our domino pattern, we would occasionally knock a tile down on accident and BAM, everything would fall. The therapist pointed out that this is like a family and our relationships. The choices we make do not only affect ourselves, but our family members too.

Well, honestly, I don’t think Isaac got anything whatsoever out of the object lesson, but the rest of us enjoyed it!

After therapy, we were able to go back to his room and visit with him for a while. He was calm and in good spirits. Of course, no matter how “calm” he is, he isn’t “well.” I think that’s a misconception for him, and possibly for the staff members (not the doctors or therapists, just well-meaning but misguided staff) who continue to say things like, “if you’re good, you’ll be able to go home soon!” No. He’s not there because he’s a bad boy, and he won’t be coming home if he’s “good.” He is there because his schizophrenia needs to be addressed. And, no, you can’t discipline or bribe the schizophrenia out of someone, no matter how clever your strategies. Still, it’s nice to see him calmer today.

Hubby went back to see him again tonight and I got to talk to Isaac on the phone. Again, he seems calm. I don’t know if this is due to the new medication or just having a good day. Today he was less obsessed with when he can come home and less desperate to get away. He’s making friends and starting to have fun and the fear and shock and sadness seem to be subsiding. Let’s hope so.

Thanks, as always, for your love, your interest, your prayers. xoxoxox


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