Words and Power

Today I went to visit Isaac with my parents. When we entered the unit, a nurse let me know that Isaac was having a really rough day. Sure enough, when we got to his room, we found him in a bit of a sour mood. His bedding had been flung everywhere, which I actually found kind of adorable. His possessions are extremely meager there at the hospital, so he’d pretty much flung everything he owns. He wasn’t crying or screaming, though. At least not when I was there, and not that anyone reported to me. So I guess “rough day” is relative.

When we asked Isaac about his day, he agreed that it had been rough. He hadn’t been following directions and he’d broken a number of rules. At one point (he told us with delight…) when he was in group therapy, he screamed, “I’m going to kill myself!” They immediately removed him from the room and took away all of his points and dropped him to a lower behavior level (meaning he has less privileges).
He found it hilarious.
Words can be powerful, and Isaac seems overjoyed with his newfound power.
Yeah… that newfound power is going to be super fun for the PPH staff…
The truth is, I think it’s very important for the folks at the PPH to see him at his worst. I’m glad that he’s been doing relatively well over the last few days, but I need them to see him when he’s not doing well. I need them to know what that looks and feels like. If he’s always hiding that part, how will he get well?
My cute parents had brought Isaac some play-doh (they can bring it in to play with as long as we take it with us when we go). My mom was clever with finding ways to engage his interest and attention (no easy feat) and my dad was hilarious in his play-doh creations. Isaac laughed and played and chatted (not necessarily about what we were trying to chat about, but he was chatty nonetheless). So despite Isaac‘s “bad day,” I felt like the visit went well.
Hubby went to visit Isaac tonight after work. He found that even with our positive visit from earlier, the day had not improved. Hubby’s visit was supposed to include another family group therapy, but everyone agreed that Isaac was in no condition to attend, so they just went back to Isaac‘s room to hang out. Once again, despite Isaac‘s “bad day,” they had a decent visit.
Well, I hope that Isaac has a better day tomorrow. But if not, I’m glad that he is surrounded by good people in a safe place where his troubles can be observed and hopefully resolved.
All righty, folks. That’s all for today. Thanks, as always, for…well…everything. xoxox

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