Twin Swap!


Every day, Isaac has a full schedule at the PPH. He is awakened at 7:00 a.m. and sent to bed at 8:00 p.m. In between, he has a full day of group therapy (multiple times a day), individual therapy, games, meals, social groups, visiting hours, and free time. On Saturdays, families are invited to a session of group therapy. I wasn’t able to attend this morning (Nugget needed me elsewhere), but Mads and Bud went with Hubby.
Today’s group therapy was about expressing yourself through music. Mads reports that Isaac was much more engaged this time around than during last week’s dominoes, because banging on things to make noise (“music”) is super fun. But Isaac missed some important parts of the lesson–things like taking turns, following directions, and not throwing instruments in fits of anger or silliness. Haha. The reports are quite entertaining. (I’m probably not supposed to find it entertaining… but… come on.)
Anyway, as Hubby says, we’re not sure just how much is getting through to Isaac in these lessons. The banging on things to make noise is cool, but the lessons that are supposed to accompany the noise-making are totally missed. All those windmills, doncha know.
When Nugget and I went to visit him tonight, the nurse told me that Isaac had struggled a bunch today and had been taken to an observation room to put some space between him and the other kids (I guess he’s been picking some fights). The observation room lets him be alone, but there are cameras so that they can observe him and make sure he’s being safe. Apparently, that’s when the music therapy really began. Isaac, not knowing he was being observed, put on quite a show! He sang all of the greatest hits from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” The nurse said that the staff all gathered around his door to listen in amazement. Haha. That’s my boy! He’s all about music therapy–on his own terms!
During our visit, Isaac and Nugget played some games on Nugget’s phone and we listened to some music. Isaac was very impulsive, but not unkind. He kept grabbing Nugget into hugs and snuggles.

​Good times.
At one point, Nugget (who is a year older than Isaac, but they are the same size and they are often confused for each other) proposed the idea that he and Isaac trade places in the PPH. Nugget would stay in Isaac’s place and Isaac could go star in Joseph/Dreamcoat in Nugget’s place (after all, he’d already proven that he knows the music). I’m not sure what Nugget hoped to get out of the exchange, but we did have a good laugh, wondering how long it would take for anyone to notice the switch (and what they’d do about it when they figured it out).
Well, that’s it for me tonight. No news, but none is really expected until Monday-ish. Thanks, as always, for, well, everything. xoxox

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