A burst of (paper) sunshine


Some of you are just now joining our program already-in-progress. I had several people ask to be added to these emails today. Let me know if you would like the ten or so updates that you’ve missed. If you would like them, I’m delighted to forward them to you. Otherwise, I will not bombard you with them!
The other night, I mentioned Mads’s interest in collecting donations for the PPH kids who come with nothing. There was a huge response to that! And yay, the project was approved, with a few tweaks!
(Note, I’ve removed all the info about this that went out with the original information, because the drive is over, and because it included way more personal info than I would ever put in a blog post, but it was a MASSIVE success! More on that later…)
Okay! On to the updates! I gave a talk in church today and I spoke a bit about Isaac. To those of you who are receiving these emails and also attend my congregation, thank you for everything! We (Hubby, Isaac, and I, along with our other children) feel surrounded by your love. You truly know how to mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort.
Then, each child in our tiny-but-mighty Primary (the children’s group at church) wrote a little note to Isaac on yellow triangles, which our outstanding Primary President then turned into a gorgeous card:

When I went to visit him tonight, he was so in love with this card! Isn’t it amazing!? Thank you, Michelle, and everyone who helped with this. He sat and read all the notes and thoroughly enjoyed the little drawings. The nurse even let him hang it up in his room! It’s right next to his bed, where it is sure to bring him hours and hours of happiness and joy! He even asked if we could bring it with him when he leaves the hospital and hang it up next to his bed here at home. Of course!!!
It’s impossible (for me, anyway) to know what, if any, progress Isaac is making. But he was happy tonight. He felt loved, he felt special, he felt remembered. I guess he felt the same way Hubby and I felt at church today, and the same way my daughter feels when people are interested in her clothing drive, and the way I feel every single day when I read your wonderful, loving messages.  We are so, so grateful for each and every one of you. For your prayers, your kindness, your encouraging words. THANK YOU!!!
All our love,
Mama Annie

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