Isaac goes all Beyonce

Dear beautiful humans,

Today I had an afternoon meeting with Isaac’s psychologist. When I arrived at the PPH, on my way to the meeting room, I happened to walk past a room where a therapist and a bunch of kids, including Isaac, were watching Just Dance (a video game with dance instruction to songs) on a big screen. I had to stop and watch. Isaac was singing and dancing his little heart out to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”
It. Was. Awesome.
Here’s an actual photo* of Isaac and Beyonce on tour together:

*Not an actual photo
(There they are, folks. My amazing photoshop skills. Behold my masterpiece.)
The meeting with the psychologist went well. Hubby is in Boston today, but was able to join us via speaker phone. We learned that the mood stabilizer med is doing well in Isaac’s system (according to the blood-draw results) and so they are going to move forward with a larger dose and also start him on a new anti-psychotic. This will also take a few days to implement and no one knows if it’s going to work. They want to hold onto him at the PPH for about another week–and that’s if the meds actually work, which they might not, in which case he might stay longer. As usual, it’s all up in the air. Hard to get any definitive timelines in a situation like this, of course. But when he is released from the hospital, he will be sent to “partial hospitalization,” where he will be at a facility for most of the day but sleep at home at night. That facility is, blessedly, much closer to home. We’re all crossing our fingers for this to be a good fit for him.
Unfortunately, when Isaac joined us about halfway through the meeting, it was clear that he was still thinking that he would be going home on Wednesday (which had been a possibility, but we told him from the beginning that it was just a “guess” and it’s up to the doctors). So we had some freaking out, including him kicking me hard enough to bruise my hip. It didn’t really hurt, but one day he will be bigger (which is one of the reasons he needs help now). Anyway, I was glad for the doctor to see it first hand. I know that Isaac loves me and I know he doesn’t even blame me for the fact that he’s going to be in the hospital for a little longer. But he was mad, so he lashed out and kicked me. It’s that impulse-control that is so very difficult!
Well, that was an unfortunate moment, but it didn’t define our visit, which was otherwise quite lovely. We helped Isaac settle down and use his words and talk through his frustration and it turned out to be very positive. In fact, at one point he announced, “I hate being at home. Home is so BORING. We never do anything fun! I guess I just want to stay here, because we have lots of fun here!” I wasn’t sure whether to be delighted or defensive… haha
We can totally dance to Beyonce at home too, bud.
Love you all. Your response to Mads’s clothing drive has been mind-boggling. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are blessing the real lives of real children–many of whom have never experienced much in the way of kindness. You are the light in the darkness.

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