Unpredictable…in every way!


Our day started with a meeting with me, Hubby, the psychologist, and the psychiatrist up at the PPH. Our main topic of conversation was the fact that Isaac is totally…unpredictable. Which I guess is what the last few emails have been about, so it’s not really news. Hubby shared his experience from yesterday when he and Isaac had the best visit ever until it turned into the worst visit ever. I talked about the sobbing visit from the day before which suddenly ended in aggression and time-out, and the doctors shared similar experiences from their visits and the staff charts. They also talked about how sometimes one of them will visit and find him calm and collected and clear, and the other will visit an hour later and find him the exact opposite, with no apparent triggers.
(Whenever I have to fill out paperwork about Isaac, I’m always asked what his triggers are. I’m like… uh… nothing? Everything? I’ve wondered if maybe I’m just not very observant. As it turns out, we all agree that his triggers are…well… both nothing and everything.)
Sometimes Isaac responds to a sedative the way the rest of us would. Other times he has the extreme opposite reaction–hyper and crazy and bouncing off the walls.
Or he can be on a mood stabilizer and all the signs from his blood work show that it’s working but his mood can be All. Over. The. Place.
In short, unpredictable.
The good news is that Isaac appears to be tolerating all of his meds well right now. Now, whether they are doing ANY good of ANY kind remains to be seen.
What do you do with a child who is so totally unpredictable? How do you know when he’s stable enough to go back to normal life? What IS normal life?
Well, we have a plan. It’s a pretty good plan, I guess. One that all four of us agree on. The plan is that hopefully on Tuesday, things will line up in such a way that he can be discharged from the PPH and on Wednesday, he will be checked into partial hospitalization. If partial hospitalization fails (or isn’t sufficient), he will be sent back to the PPH or placed in a long-term residential facility. Of course, we’re all hoping that partial hospitalization works and that soon he can be downgraded to weekly outpatient visits while attending his regular school.
But it all hinges on all of these unpredictable things. So… who knows?
In the meantime, entertain yourselves with this little gem:

After our meeting with the doctors, we went back to Isaac’s room. Hubby had brought his trusty box of Connect Four and the two of them got right into it. I took a bunch of pictures and Google Photos strung them all together in this delightful animation. They had a great time and Isaac won fair and square.

Oh my golly, I love this human (both of them, actually).
And I love all of you! Thanks, as always, for being such a solid base in our unpredictable world!

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