The frosting (is not) on the cake

Dear Sweet Tacos,

This morning, Isaac and I began our new normal. As we drove to DT, he was quiet but a little tense. When we walked in, the doctor I’d liked so much yesterday greeted him and asked him, “how do you feel today?” He whispered to her, “I’m scared.” She got right down on the floor with him and validated those feelings, confirming that it can be scary to start something new in a new place with new people. Then, picture chart in hand, she went over everything that was going to happen today. She was so great with him. I kissed him on the forehead and left.
He had a pretty good time at DT with just a few bumps in the road, and then he had a good evening here at home with Bud (Nugget and I had somewhere else we needed to be). They did all sorts of exciting things. They rode bikes and even baked a cake! Hubby texted me the following pictures:

The second photo arrived with the caption: “Uh, we might not have enough frosting for this cake. Wondering where it all went!”
Then tonight Isaac went with Hubby to pick up Hubby’s parents and sister from the airport. Isaac was really excited to see them. It landed him in bed just a little late, but it was worth it.
So, good day!
In other news, I will be publishing all of these “Isaac update” emails to a blog. Many of you know that I used to be a blogger–a rather successful blogger with ad revenue and good, steady traffic and lots of fantastic readers, many of whom became dear friends (many of whom are now receiving these emails!). I pulled that blog down about 5 years ago and never looked back. I can hardly believe I’m’ jumping back in. My purpose this time around for this blog, though, is very different. I just want to put our story out there, in case it could help anyone or be of interest to anyone. I know that when our crisis first hit, it helped me a LOT to read and hear other stories similar to ours. Honestly, without them, I might not have known where to go and what to do when it was clear that I was totally in over my head. And I might not have believed that there was light at the end of the tunnel. Anyway, I will remove some of the personal identifying pieces of information, but the emails will otherwise be published just as I wrote them when I sent them to you. I will send along that blog link when it’s up and running (actually, it’s already up, it’s just not yet running).
It is at this point, Gentle Readers, that I want to thank you for all of your interest, your time, your light, your prayers, your messages, your friendship, your guidance, and especially your love. It would appear that, for now, our crisis is over. That doesn’t mean that it is smooth sailing ahead of us, but it has never been smooth sailing before. And we’d probably be bored out of our minds if it were any other way. Okay, in truth, we have a long, hard road ahead. But it just doesn’t feel like a “crisis” anymore. My point, then, is that I am going to pull back on the frequency of these emails. If there is big news, I will make sure it gets to all of you. But for now, assuming things stay mostly where they are, the updates will no longer be nightly. Thank you, thank you for sharing this journey with us. We needed your support, and you were there. We’ll never forget it.
I will also give you an update on Mads’s PPH clothing project in the future. Amazing things are happening, much of it has already happened, much is still in the works. I’ll send that along (because I know that many of you are active participants) once the story is complete. It’s a good one–thanks in large part to YOU.
Love you so much. You truly are the sweetest of tacos. xoxox

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