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Hi there, I am Kaye and here is my story... 

Who am I, and what can I do for you?

It has always been the intent of Windmills Of The Mind to help you back on track to the life you want. As a therapy service, under the Yelweb Private Trust, any income generated is invested back into the service provided, so we don't profit from your suffering.

The types of techniques used have been learned over a 20+ year period. Learning should always be an ongoing aspect of a therapist's life. During the development of the clinic and professional training requirements we have adhered to in order to practice, ensures that as a client you receive the best quality up-to-date methods and techniques available to help you heal. 

Here's a brief CV.

  • MA Psych (Hons) - Masters in Psychotherapy

  • HG Dip - Diploma in Human Givens Psychotherapy

  • CBT Dip - Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • EFT Dip - Diploma in Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Continuing Professional Development - throughout every year of practice 

  • Affiliated to Human Givens Institute

  • Registered with Professional Standards Authority

  • Insured to practice through Balens

Asking for therapy...

Providing this healing service comes from the aim of assisting people achieve the life they want - without mental, emotional, or physical pain.  In essence, my mission with Windmills Of The Mind's has been heart-led. Watch the video here to see how I can work with you.

I appreciate when my clients express their praise after they have received therapy. It benefits this service in two ways:. Firstly, by giving me the confidence to continue (I'm only human!) and, secondly, it encourages potential clients to have confidence in the service provided. Feel free to browse my reviews. Either click the button below, or go to my Google page.


My mission is to motivate individuals to find the core of their true selves - and feel at ease with that.

I have been helping people for over 20 years - a decade of which was spent easing the stress of media and marketing CEOs in London, while another decade was spent assisted young soldiers deal with adjusting to military life and the emotional anxiety they inevitably suffered. Currently, I assist veterans find ways to fix the trauma they've experienced - on the battlefield and at home. 

As a clinical psychotherapist I use my training, skills, knowledge, as well as my own life experience, to help you to through the difficulties you face, and help you find ways to ease the emotions you are experiencing now.

The successful results I have achieved with clients, have been gained by using innovative therapy techniques like Guided Imagery and Rewind. Thinking 'outside the box' has helped so many people  to improve their mental and emotional health.  Don't take my word for it, read the reviews by clicking the Praise link above. 

Please remember, testimonials provided by clients are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a guaranteed result for every client. The treatment result depends on the conditions you are suffering and number of treatment sessions you have with me. 

Asking for therapy can be daunting and sometimes a little bit scary. but as a professional, I am trained to help you heal and get through those barriers, to get the life you want. 

When you book an individual session, you receive 60 minutes focused on you and the challenges you face. I have a free book you can download, Anxiety Pangs. Anxiety Pangs gives a brief explanation of my approach and how you can begin to recognise and handle your anxiety. You can download it for free by subscribing to my newsletter (below). Once you subscribe, you'll receive lots of freebies and discounts on workshops, online courses and therapy sessions - plus 20% discount whenever you book a session.

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