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Solutions for you. 

Clear your fears

The therapy I practice is designed to ease your anxiety by discovering the confidence within you. It involves applying a set of tools, each tailored to address the root of your emotional needs to encourage healing. 

As you start to learn about how anxiety highjacks you, you begin to climb out of the depths of depression, and learn to manage traumatic memories. Then you'll be able to discover the potential you have to lead the life you want.  

To start, I suggest three sessions, but you can begin to feel results after the first session. A 15 minute call should give me a good idea as to what you want help with - and if I can help you. Once you've booked your first session with me, I'll send you a couple of brochures designed to help to ease any anxieties you may have about having counselling.

Experience has shown that within this initial framework, you can begin the process of releasing your anxiety and moving towards an improved life.

Let's see if we can work together.

  • CBT & EFT counselling coach consultation offers you a calm and comfortable space to be listened to.

  • CBT & EFT  counselling coach consultation enables you to speak about your problems with an unbiased non-judgemental trained clinical professional.

  • CBT & EFT  counselling coach consultation encourages you to talk through what is troubling you, so we can develop a deeper insight into what is going on in your life.

  • CBT & EFT  counselling coach consultation helps you develop skills to challenge unhelpful thinking. These tools aim to support you in managing your emotions, so you can deal with the issues you are experiencing.

  • HG psychotherapy can help you change deep-rooted patterns that may be limiting the way you live your life.

  • HG psychotherapy asks about challenges you are dealing with, the changes you are looking for, and why you believe you are stuck - and unearths the emotional needs not being met. 

  • HG psychotherapy will help you unpack your story, so you begin to understand how and why different patterns and problems present themselves in your life - and helps you figure out the best ways for you to overcome them with the resources you have. 

  • HG psychotherapy can use techniques like Guided Imagery and Rewind and other tools, which go to helping you normalise traumatic memories.

Appointment Costs

Face2Face counselling appointments and Group Sessions held in our clinic, in Worcestershire. All our Online sessions are held on Zoom. Weekly online coaching sessions, once your payment is processed, you'll be a special member of the service and emailed information regarding the online sessions. Concierge Counselling, are home visits which need to be arranged separately (i.e. not via the calendar).

Concierge Counselling


£400/3 Hours + mileage

Coaching (1x Session)  

F2F | Online

£300/2 Hours

Group Session  

Online | Monthly

£49/1 Hour

*First Session only. During this time, you are able to tell your story ('get it off your chest') and take the opportunity to see if this is the right fit for you. Subsequent sessions need to be at least an hour.  


Check our Calendar button below. It will take you to choose a date and time that's convenient to you. 

Once we have your request, we'll email you confirmation and a request to cover our costs. NOTE: For free introductory 15 minute consultations - send email request



Donations Welcome

PAY IT FORWARD: By making a donation, you can 'pay it forward' to pay for a therapy session for someone you know who is unable to afford it.

OUT OF HOURS EMAIL SUPPORT: So you don't feel so alone, you are welcome to post us questions/concerns, that will be responded to as soon as is possible. Minimum donation of £10 is required.

LOW OR NO INCOME: You have the option to pay for an online session with your own debit/credit card if you wish. A minimum payment of £45 for each person in attendance for a 60 minute session is required.


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