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Solutions I provide for you. 

I motivate individuals to clear their fears and find their true mind.

The kind of therapy I use aims to help you find your true inner self, so you can find relief from anxiety, quickly.  

I recommend you book 3 continuous sessions to get the best of the therapy where we won't just sit and explore your history (unless, of course you want to), but we can begin to create workable solutions that aim to help your sub-conscious mind find the rest, peace and contentment it craves. 

Free 15 minute consultation

In a 15 minute telephone consultation, we can cover a lot of ground. Together, we can see if we are a good client/counsellor fit.

Healing Products 

We are creating a range of healing products - nutritional supplements from trusted sources, and an exclusive range sumptuous bathroom products, crystals, candles, essential oils and incense.  

Online Counselling

In this 60 minute online counselling session (which you can take on your mobile or laptop via our Zoom invite), we will meet together on a video call (by invitation). You'll receive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). You'll also be able to subscribe to my e-newsletter which gives you encouragement throughout the year. When you subscribe to the Minds Matter Magazine, I can send you links to digital guides, discount on sessions, products, reports, books and courses.

In-person Psychotherapy

When you come into the clinic for a 60 minute therapy session, you'll get in-depth Human Givens (HG) Therapy. You'll also receive my brief notes from your session, a mood tracker book, access to my page of resources,. My regular online newsletter can be subscribed to as well as the opportunity to subscribe to the Minds Matter Magazine, I can send you links to digital guides, discount on sessions, products, reports, books and courses.  You'll also receive a warm welcome and a free cup of tea to help make you feel more at ease.

Client Testimonial


"I cannot begin to express how amazingly helpful, kind and professional you have been. Like no other therapist I have seen before. I genuinely feel you care about me so much, and like in my profession, your job clearly brings you joy and satisfaction, and that is so evident with all of the on-going/after care you provide, all part of your amazing service."

Mrs L Reading, Worcestershire

Let's see if we can work together.

  • CBT & EFT counselling offers you a calm and comfortable space to be listened to.

  • CBT & EFT counselling enables you to speak about your problems with an unbiased non-judgemental trained clinical professional.

  • CBT & EFT counselling encourages you to talk through what is troubling you, so we can develop a deeper insight into what is going on in your life.

  • CBT & EFT counselling helps you develop skills to challenge unhelpful thinking. These tools aim to support you in managing your emotions, so you can deal with the issues you are experiencing.

  • HG psychotherapy can help you change deep-rooted patterns that may be limiting the way you live your life.

  • HG psychotherapy asks about challenges you are dealing with, the changes you are looking for, and why you believe you are stuck.

  • HG psychotherapy will help you unpack your story, so you understand how and why certain patterns and problems present themselves in your life. 

  • HG psychotherapy offers you techniques (Guided Imagery and Rewind etc.), which help to normalise traumatic memories.

Our Services

Services you could book today. Discounts available.

Online Counselling | 60mins


Face2Face Psychotherapy | 60mins


Couple Counselling Service | 90mins


Payment Method

Payments for our services are donation-based. Check the amounts above for services provided and pay that amount by clicking the button below. Subscribe to Minds Matter Magazine (see below) for news on discounts on services and products. 


Discount on Services & Products -Subscribe to Minds Matter Mag!

Our beautiful Minds Matter Magazine, available digitally and physically, is something new to view.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Articles on Anxiety - how to calm your nerves, how to control panic attacks, how to breathe to impact your nervous system.

  • Features on food and mood - to keep your emotions balanced. Nutritional insights on vitamins and minerals and food types.

  • Discount codes and money-off coupons to save on our services and products. Subscribe and get 20% off every therapy session.


Our Products

Here are some of the nutritional products we consider as good for human health. Sadly, we are prohibited from saying what supplements will help with, it is best for you to do your own research then return here when you're happy with the information you have gathered. We are affiliated to these companies, so Windmills will earn a small promotional commission if you decide to buy.

British Supplements | B12


British Supplements | D3 + K2


British Supplements | Magnesium


British Supplements | Ashwagandha


British Supplements | Lions Mane


British Supplements | Super Zinc


COST OF COURSE: £365 (£1/day)



Weekly Goals & Daily To-Do's for Your Emotions

How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Have you achieved them yet? Or have you put them aside or forgotten about them? Would you like a daily reminder?

Sign-up for this course and receive daily prompts for a WHOLE YEAR. Prompts that will inspire you, with information, colourful postcards, questions and tasks to help you change your mind and produce the life you want!


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